Formerly Electri-Rep of Minnesota, ER North provides representation, opportunity management, and technical solutions for Electronic Assembly and Medical Device Manufacturing equipment. We partner with only the highest quality names in Factory Automation, Test & Inspection Equipment, as well as with Production Supplies. Our loyalty and support for over 35 years’ have paved the foundation for success in the Upper Midwest. We have nurtured many long-standing relationships within the marketplace, doing our part to help build the community.

Steve & Jerry met in a company lobby nearly 25 years ago as competitors, and they hit it off immediately (despite their attempts to fight for the same business). Before long, they worked together for a successful agency. In 2001, they took their friendship and professional partnership to another level, and founded Electri-Rep of Minnesota. Though the industry has experienced much change over the years, Steve and Jerry have always shared a common goal of success through hard work, creative thinking, and maintaining integrity—a characteristic they have become synonymous with throughout the industry. Together, they introduce the “New” ERNorth.

“The business climate is constantly changing, and the new brand is an example of how we adapt well in our business. We intentionally negotiate the gray areas of “our industry boundaries,” where PCB assembly crosses over into Box Build, and from there into Medical Device Manufacturing. We go wherever we have to, to create and manage opportunities for our partners.” 

“We set a goal to update our brand in 2015 and we are getting it done. We wanted to develop a fresh new look in ‘ERNorth,’ that would be updated and clean, and indicative of our independence, forward-thinking, and quota-busting results!”

Steve Paulson
Jerry Lindholm